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Wood burning fireplaces, fire extinguishers and safety

June 25, 2014

Wood burning fireplaces, fire extinguishers and safety

Remember the last time you visited friends or family at their country cottage? You had a wonderful evening, sitting around the wood-burning fireplace, chatting and enjoying a glass of wine. Think back, can you remember where the fire extinguisher was? Do you even know for sure that there was a fire extinguisher close by? And what about your wood-burning fireplace at home... there is a fire extinguisher close at hand, right?

Wood-burning fireplaces are a beautiful and functional addition to any home, adding ambience to a room and, of course, warmth. But, as with any other form of heat generation, they can also be dangerous if not maintained properly: Whether you have a fire extinguisher right now, or are thinking of having one installed in the future, make sure you follow these safety guidelines:

• Ensure you have your chimney regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional
• Your wood-burning fireplace should be installed at least 91 centimeters away from combustible material
• Never go to bed and leave a fire burning
• Only close the damper after you have confirmed that the fire is well and truly out
• Make sure you have functional smoke detectors installed in your home
• Keep a Class A fire extinguisher near the fireplace, and make sure everyone in the family knows exactly where it is and how to use it

Class A fires involve solid organic matter such as wood or paper. The corresponding extinguisher that’s required to put out the fire works by either cooling the heat source (water on the flames) or starving (dry powder) the fire’s oxygen supply.

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