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Trench heating—comfort that’s out of sight and out of mind

April 10, 2014

Trench heating—comfort that’s out of sight and out of mind

Supplying adequate warmth in winter and cooling in summer to both employees and clients is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies that use showrooms in which to conduct their business.

Showrooms are usually large, spacious and embrace the concepts of window shopping and natural light as sales tools—check out any of your local car dealerships as perfect examples of a showroom at work. And this is why many showrooms will be constructed with often two or more fully glazed walls and a glazed entranceway with glass doors.

While this expanse of glass may afford the best lighting and viewing opportunity for products on display, the lack of wall space reduces the available options for heating and cooling of the space.

Trench heating is the answer

To solve this problem, companies rely on trench heating to provide warm air in winter and cool air in summer. As the name suggests, trench heaters are installed in the floor, often right in front of windows. Once installed, all that is visible is a decorative grille. Trench heaters comprise a heating element through which hot water passes. Cold air drops into the trench, is heated and then rises back up through the grill, helped on its way by powerful fans. Other benefits of installing trench heaters along glazed walls include the prevention of draughts, cold spots and condensation.

Trench heating is easy to install and cheap to maintain.

Monmet Tecnologies offer a range of high performance blower fans specifically designed for trench-heating applications. For more information or to place an order, contact Monmet Technologies today.

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